How to install Lubuntu 20.04 on USB from USB that contains live version

Dear all,

I installed the Lubuntu live version on a USB stick using Startup Disk Creator. Next, I would like to install full Lubuntu on another USB device (or SDD), using the live version. I did the following:

  1. I disconnected all the hard drives and the DVD drive in my (desktop) computer.

  2. I booted the computer with the USB stick that contains the live version of Lubuntu 20.04.

  1. I inserted the USB stick which I would like to install Lubuntu on. Then I double clicked on the Install icon on the desktop and started the installation procedure.

  2. When arriving at ‘Partitions’ at ‘Select storage device’ I selected the USB stick which I would like to install Lubuntu on: Voyager GS - 117.6 GB (/dev/sdb) .

  3. At ‘New Partition Table’ I checked 'Master Boot Record (MBR).

  4. At ‘New Value Group’ I did nothing.

  5. I double clicked on ‘Free Space’. A windows open: ‘Edit Existing Partition’.

  6. As ‘Partition Type’ I choose ‘Primary’. As ‘File System’ I choose ‘ext4’. I checked ‘Encrypt’. As ‘Mount Point’ I choose ‘/’. At ‘Flag’ I checked ‘boot’ and ‘legacy-boot’ (my computer is at least 10 years old, a HP dc7900). Then I pressed OK.

  7. At the bottom of the screen I choose 'Install Boot Record of Voyager GS (/dev/sdb).

  8. I went through the rest of the installation procedure until the computer was going to be rebooted. I removed the ‘installation medium’ when it was asked for.

  9. Then the computer tried to reboot, but alas! There was not any medium found from which the computer was able to boot.

My first question is: is it even possible to install (‘non live’) Lubuntu 20.04 on a USB stick? Or am I trying to do something impossible?

If it is possible, my second question would be: how exactly can you do this?



Hello @heeringa - I think this straightforward method might not work due to the fact how BIOS is recognizing disks to boot from. I recently made myself a “persistent live” USB disk out of Ubuntu (any flavour works really) and this allows you to boot from USB and then modify that instance to your liking and the changes would persist after reboots.

I used the below article, it explains beautifully the BIOS and UEFI logic and explains the procedure of creating such live USB using a tool called MKS USB.



Thanks Andy for sharing this solution.