How to install fonts in Lubuntu 20.04?

Hey guys !

Can anyone tell any simple way to install fonts in Lubuntu ?

Things which I’ve already tried :

  1. Installing fonts using a software called gnome-font-viewer ( ) but for some reasons unknown to me, new fonts aren’t getting added to the system.

  2. I tried placing the fonts in /usr/share/fonts/truetype directory ( installing the ttf fonts ), but I can’t paste them there.

What else I can do ?

I’ll firstly provide a Ubuntu wiki page on fonts.

Myself I just

  • copy the fonts I want into a directory, then
  • update the font cache so it’s aware of the additional fonts

My guess is you didn’t update the font cache (the second bit, adding fonts to a font directory won’t make it available until the font cache is re-created). See the second command in the Manually installing a font in Ubuntu section of provided link.

Please note there are multiple directories you can add fonts to, including

  • /usr/share/fonts/ — fonts for all users
  • ~/.local/share/fonts/ — fonts for a user

The options you use in fc-cache can vary on where you store fonts (I don’t want mine backed up with my user files, so I add them to system directories & use a -s to tell fc-cache to scan only system directories for changes).

You’ll need to elevate privileges to write to /usr/share/ directories, ie. I’ll use a sudo cp -pv to copy my wanted fonts into to the /usr/ directory structure (-p to preserve attributes…). You won’t need to use sudo if you’re storing them in your local directory though :slight_smile:

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