How to get back the wifi icon in taskbar

I am using Lubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I accidentally lost the wifi icon in the taskbar in the bottom right. I need it since I have to switch wifi connections (since my printer is connected via wifi).

I tried:
right-click taskbar
Choose ‘Configure Panel’
Click ‘Widgets’
Click on +

Then I don’t know what to do, there is nothing in the list that seems to include the wifi icon. There is a ‘Network monitor’, but that’s something else, it does not give me a list of wifi connections which I can choose from.

Via the Start button you can choose >Preferences >Advanced Network Configuration, but it does not solve the problem either.

Does anybody know a solution?

Hi there, had you just done a system update with the Update Notifier or any of the other tools - terminal, Muon or Discover Software Center?

I have found that the wifi icon, nm-tray, disappears towards of the end of the process but comes back when you next log in to lubuntu.

The only other thing you could try is in a terminal type
nm-tray applet show

I had to do that a few times on older lubuntus, but the wifi program was called something else, so this might not work. :thinking:

Hope this helps.


Hi Ranger5,

Thanks for your help, you were right!

First I got the Status Notifier Plugin back.

Then I ran:

nm-tray applet show

Then I logged out and logged in and it was solved.



That’s good news! Happy to help :smiley:

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