How to enable natural scrolling in Lubuntu 18.04

Today i installed Lubuntu 18.04 on vmware . But i am searching for about 2 hours how to activate natural scrolling in lubuntu. But couldn’t find any settings about this.
Can anybody help me out in this case?


libinput can handle this. It should work via the xinput command. You might need to install the xinput package.

  1. Run xinput list and figure out the device id of your pointer.
  2. Run xinput list-props device where “device” is the device id from the above and get the id of the property associated with natural scrolling.
  3. Run xinput set-prop device property 1 where “device” is the device id and “property” is the property id.

Of course, things can get complicated. Depending on your device, you might not see a sensible property. It might be possible that you see something about “Scrolling Distance” with multiple values. Change them to negative values (e.g. xinput set-prop 2 107 -1 -1 -1) and there you go. There’s a rare chance each axis might be separated out like “VertScrollDelta” and “HorizScrollDelta.” Same thing applies: make them negative.

Once you’ve got that done, create an entry in your autostart for it and voila!

  1. Go to Menu → Preferences → Preferences → Default applications for LXSession → Autostart → Manual autostarted applications
  2. Add your command
  3. Click add
  4. Click OK

Alternately, you could also drop a Desktop Entry in ~/.config/autostart.

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