How to Edit Program Menu / error

Hallo everybody
I`m running a 18.04 32b Lubuntu. Everything goes right, but from the beginning I try to change the position, clasification, and preferences of all the Program Menu. I readed the Editing Program Menu posted here too and I installed several applications (alacarta and others)
No one let me change nothing, …ordering , new folders, new menu, rename,…any action is possible. I thing is a problem of permission or similar. The system does nor required me my password neither, simply nothnigs happend.
What can I do? suggestions?
thanks in advance!

To answer this generally is a bit difficult, except by referring you again to the Freedesktop Specification for the menu. That’s the definitive answer, but it’s difficult.

As far as an easy GUI solution, I’m not sure that the go-to solution is really all that reliable. We don’t ship alacarte so I can’t say we’ve really bothered with it. Doing a really cursory test, I found it to fail silently, as you describe. menulibre worked fine, though. You might try that.

Hi wxl, and thanks for your quick response.
I tried menulibre, and I can say that it works in a percentage…errrr 60% to be honest (thinking about my tastes and expectations)
I can rename applications, change order, add route, delete launcher and create, but all these changes must be done in a “no-posible-change-envirovement” for example, the default menu names and original clasification, and the edition is one by one, low and made by hand.
I do not look for a “drag&drop” edition, but I can manage this for the moment, while it is being solved. 60% is not the same as 0%
I am positive and I take it with humor.
Lubuntu is an amazing operating system for me!
Thanks for your help!!

You brought up an important word: expectations. I’m not sure how reasonable it is to expect every single aspect of the menu to be mutable very easily given what I know about how the menu is implemented in the backend (Freedesktop Specifications) and how that is actually mutable. If you really want total control, you should start creating/modifying the Desktop Entry files and Menu XML files, but that is no simple task.

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