How to download older release (like 22.04.1) ISO image?

I am trying to download older release (like 22.04.1) ISO image, but the following site shows only the latest patch version (22.04.2).

Is there a way to download older release ISO image ?

Ubuntu tend to keep only the latest ISO for each release, with others moved to, alas they don’t move the flavors like Lubuntu there (flavors are just dropped).

Some of our older ISOs can be found on PhilW’s site (a prior contributor) here - Index of /isos/lubuntu but I’m aware most users find them via search engines & wayback/archive type sites.

The ISO is dated 2022-08-09 which ~matches a RC just prior to release, I see a copy locally but I’m not aware of where it can be found online sorry.

-rw------- 1 guiverc guiverc 2.6G Aug  9  2022 jammy-desktop-amd64.iso.2022-08-09
-rw-rw-r-- 1 guiverc guiverc  55K Aug  9  2022 jammy-desktop-amd64.manifest.2022-08-09

Okay, thanks for the information.
(I just noticed that download site is managed by Ubuntu.)

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I uploaded


Phill may link or copy them to his general lubuntu web location.


Thanks @sudodus , appreciated.


Thanks @sudodus.
I could download sha256 file, but I couldn’t download iso file for 403 Forbidden error.
Is it necessary to login from somewhere ?

Is there a plan to store old Lubuntu releases at somewhere ?


Sorry, I did not check the permissions. I modified the permissons to allow read by everybody, so you should be able to download the file now.

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No, hosting files has storage & bandwidth costs, even running this site costs us money, which is why we have the Donate links here and there. We’re don’t have funds to store them.


@sudodus Thanks! I could download the iso file.

@guiverc Okay, thanks for the answer.


@sanak, You are welcome and good luck with Lubuntu 22.04.1 LTS :slight_smile:


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