How to change an .obt-theme in Lubuntu 20.04?

I noticed that a real dark theme, with a dark color within the window of e.g. the file manager, not only the window title, cannot be installed. I think this has to do with the fact that Lubuntu 20.04 is no longer LXDE, but LXQt.

I tried a workaround by trying to find an .obt editor, but the ones I found on the internet don’t work in LXQt, only in LXDE.

Does anyone know of a working .obt editor, or does anyone know how to implement real dark themes, like the default theme of Ubuntu 20.04, Yaru?

Have a look at the theming task.

Hi apt-ghetto,

I will look at that: thank you very much! Worth exploring and learning more of the DE.

On the other hand: is there a GUI based app that could customize themes more easily?

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