How do I change audio firmware on T200TA

Hi I have been playing with Lubuntu 20.04 on my Asus T200TA. First with live USB, then I installed to USB and now installed on MMC. In the latter case the audio is no longer working.
I compared the USB install with the MMC install and this is what I see:
Linux on USB install

Output of: inxi -A

Audio: Device-1: Intel HDMI/DP LPE Audio driver: HdmiLpeAudio
Device-2: bytcr-rt5640 driver: btytcr-r5640
Sound Server: ALSA v: k5.11.0-44-generic

MMC install:
Audio: Device-1: Intel HDMI/DP LPE Audio driver: HdmiLpeAudio
Device-2: sof-bytcht rt5640 driver: SOF
Sound Server: ALSA v: k5.13.0-28-generic

Device 2 driver is different as well as sound server. As I am new to this and already did a lot of searching (probably in the wrong way), can someone guide me how to fix this?

Thanks for your help.


This sounds like a similar recent post where someone was trying to get touchscreen working on an older Asus model.

My hunch is that it’s regarding something similar where tweaks need to be made to get things working.

I will dig around and see what I can find.

A quick look at what you provided I can see the following

That install is outdated & using an unsupported and EOL kernel; the 5.11 kernel was from Ubuntu 21.04, is now EOL and when upgraded will upgrade to the 5.13 kernel (meaning new kernel modules; ie. drivers).

Ubuntu LTS releases have two primary kernel stack choices; the GA stack uses the same kernel the life of the product, ie. starts on 5.4 and ends on 5.4. The HWE stack upgraded to 5.8 (at 20.04.2), then 5.11 (at 20.04.3) then to 5.13 (at 20.04.4, a move which is occurring now starting roughly a fornight ago), then to 5.15 (at 20.04.5 in about six months).

I’d try the GA kernel stack (default if you use Lubuntu 20.04 or 20.04.1 media to install, 20.04.2 & later media default to the HWE stack) using live media to see if it behaves as you like. You can also have both stacks installed; though some closed-source kernel modules (esp. video graphics drivers) prevent both stacks from co-existing on the same machine.

For more details you can look at


Hi Guiverc, the LIVE USB is working and using the same earlier version of the kernel. What is th e best thing to do now. As it is all still abracadabra for me. I am sorry.

Thanks for your time and help!


What you do is up to you.

If you’re using USB thumb-drive media; I’d just install & test using another thumb-drive a system using the GA kernel stack of Lubuntu 20.04 LTS. This can be achieved either via installing it using 20.04 or 20.04.1 media/ISO, or downgrading the kernel stack as per the document I provided.

In the wiki page link I provided you can search for the command after “To downgrade from HWE/OEM to GA kernel:” which tells you how to install the GA kernel stack. ie. the command it gives is just

sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic

The wiki even provides the command to remove the other stack (ie. HWE you were using) after “If everything is good, you may remove the other kernel flavours:” but that is optional (FYI: Lubuntu media does not include any OEM kernels so you can leave of those bits & 5.6 kernels). I have a number of 20.04 systems that have both kernel stacks installed (the real consequence is just a little more disk space used & touch more bandwidth used in upgrades; as both stacks get security fixes). You can decide which you use at boot (using grub).

The GA stack means you’ll be using the 5.4 kernel for the life of Lubuntu 20.04 LTS, and was the default when Lubuntu 20.04 or 20.04.1 media was used, or Ubuntu Server is installed (Servers are expected to want the most stable option, where as desktop installs usually want later drivers for newer hardware which is provided via use of the HWE kernel stack).

Do note I have no experience with your hardware, my reply was providing what I’d look at trying (ie. use the GA kernel stack; either having both installed or switch to it; I usually leave both installed; unless you’re using closed-source video drivers that don’t allow for it).

If it works on your new thumb-drive you’re testing; you can do it on your real system (ie. existing thumb-drive).

I can provide provide a 3rd party web site with Lubuntu 20.04 & 20.04.1 media if required (it’s unofficial) as that allows a direct install with the GA stack (instead of switching post-install which the wiki link expects with current media) IF you have trouble finding it on Canonical/Ubuntu server (which are good for Ubuntu media; less so for older flavor media like Lubuntu) but that shouldn’t be required given you can test using just another thumb-drive given you appear to be using thumb-drive/MMC rather than hdd/ssd as I understand it.

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Hi Guiverc, I actually found another way, when I boot and enter grub, I can chose load Ubuntu with special options, then I can chose older kernels. I picked one and now the sound was working but not perfectly seemed the speed was off. Now I know from the install on USB that kernel was working. Is there a way to up/down grade to a specific kernel?


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