How can I run a GUI application as root from runner (Alt+F2)

I was used to hit Alt+F2 and then gksudo program to have root privileges. Then pkexec was the command to issue instead of gksudo. Now I read somewhere that admin:/// is the right way to do it (which doesn’t work, BTW, probably because some fault on my side).

So… what is the actual current way to run a GUI application as root from runner?

The right answer is: Never run a graphical application as root!

The admin:// backend works only with gvfs and GNOME. This solution does not work with Lubuntu, which is based on Qt and not GTK.

If the graphical application works with pkexec, you can use it. With LXQt, you could use also lxqt-sudo.

But in most cases, you can avoid running graphical programms with elevated privileges. In which cases do you use it? Maybe we can help you.

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Thanks, apt-ghetto, for your prompt response!

I am not that strict over not opening a graphic application as root. Obviously I should be cautious.
Maybe this is more a philosophical question :smiley:

I usually edit with featherpad. I know nano on terminal, but sometimes I just want to use the GUI app. Mostly that is what I use.

For terminal file management, I use sudo mc.

lxqt-sudo is the answer I was looking for. Thanks for that!

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