How can I disable Virtual Desktop Switching with touch-pad scroll

As the title suggests, Im trying to disable virtual desktop switching in Lubuntu. Ive installed 22.04. Im running a dirt crap system: AMD C-60 APU with 4 GiBs. I would really like it if I had to fight with one less thing in this system when Im just playing around in terminal. Anyone know how to get rid of trackpad scroll between virtual desktops?

I don’t use the virtual desktops, so my solution is just to disable them (under openbox settings) by setting the number of desktops at 1 and then just removing the applet from the task bar.

If you use the virtual desktops, you’ll need a better solution.

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this is an openbox thing and will need an edit of a file to stop it. Here’s the location and the file that need to be edited:
its around the 400 mark: search for mousebind button=“Up” action=“Click” and it’ll make sense (need to delete/hash out the “Down” one too)

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