How can i cobect to ny windows Network (my Pc)

How can i conected to my Pc in a Windows-Network? I am a beginner.
Thanks for help

pcmanfm-qt (the file manager)
On the left pane there is Places > Network. click it.
You may see ‘Windows Network’ or any other smb shares.

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First of all, enable on Windows a directory for Networksharing.
Second, your linux and windows work with same user, same password.
Third, enable on Lubuntu a directory for Networksharing.
Install samba on your linux system, add user :

sudo smbpasswd -a “your user name”

Connect via windows to the linux PC, connect to network :
//“linux Ip address”/“respective directory for Networksharing”

If your linux PC will be a Laptop, and WLan, Lan will be possible :
Modify the windows file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts “PC name of Laptop” IP of, if e,g. WLan will be enabled “PC name of Laptop” IP of, if e,g. Lan will be enabled

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