How can I change the outline color of the active window from default (blue) to something else?

I don´t see the option (in the manual or the system settings) to achieve this. Is there another way?

I can see why this might be harder to find if you’re not already aware. One would imagine this would be under appearance but it’s actually under Openbox config:

You can change the theme for the windows from here and this will also change the “borders” you see.


Thanks so much. I had looked there too but obviously missed some details.

Thanks for the link too. I don’t see a way to change the color of the outline, but the other themes lack an outline which is just as good for me.

Openbox Configuration lets you change themes, but not change the themes themselves. To do that you likely have to manually edit the value yourself, eg. #606060

Note: this example may not be the theme/color you’re talking about, I just navigated to a Lubuntu theme on my box & grabbed a line as example, not checking to see if it was the theme you’re asking about.


Thanks. For anyone reading this, I found those values in:


Alas my reply had intended to include the name themerc; but I omitted typing that sorry (I was more worried/distracted by whether or not I’d selected the correct theme).


If you want to customise locally,

Pick one from;
Preferences > LXQt Settings > Openbox Settings > Theme

Note the name and find it in;
(e.g Lubuntu Arc)

Copy the whole directory to ;
and rename the directory to something else e.g Lubuntu Arc2,

and Edit;

border.width: 4
# use hex colors
window.inactive.border.color: #FFE4E1
# or X11 color names Medium Violet Red

Then go back to;
Preferences > LXQt Settings > Openbox Settings > Theme
and select the new name.