Home desktop link bug?

Fairly new to Lubuntu, recently I have started to notice occasionally when I boot, and log in, I have a strange file on my desktop, and later found out it was the home directory link.
It is named as follows… “user-home.desktop.D48S6Z”

Its seems to be glitched and not showed properly, when I go to desktop preferences and disable then re-enable the shortcut to the home directory it works. :'D

Is this a fresh install of lubuntu?
What version?

I wonder if it is this bug:

non-existent temporary desktop file appears on desktop

Bug #1825587 reported by Walter Lapchynski on 2019-04-19

That’s the one. Upgrade and it’s fixed.

@bjlockie Thats the one it seems!

@wxl Thing is I thought I was on the latest version? I downloaded the latest from the website 19.04? same version specified on the bug report, do I update libfm-qt ?

19.04 is the latest version, but there is upgraded software to that version since it was released, so sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade will fix you up.

Sure no worries, thought that was the case, thanks.

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