Help me Pls [Lubuntu 20.04]

I have problems with my OS i cant install any programm it says i have no permisions to install but i am a superuser and i can log in with my unix user and my admin account does someone know why this happen?

Hello @Cardio45, did you check if your user is added in the sudoers file? Also could you show us the error that appears when you try to install a new program?

Yes i am in the sudo files i have all rights but there is no error message its just a toast that tells me that i have no permissions to install a programm

Okay, quite strange; try to post the output of

sudo -s


sudo cat /etc/sudoers

I don’t know actually the reason why this happens, but you could also try to see if your root account has 0 as userid:

getent passwd | grep ':0:'

Do you have discord or an faster way to communicate?
Caus i use my mobile it has faster network connection
root@pc-kop:/home/user# getent passwd | grep ‘:0:’

Cardlo, You didn’t mentioned how you tried to install programs. Using terminal:

sudo apt install <program>

Or use Discover

I use discover i try to install wine

Root has 0 as userid

Just install with pkg install {program package name}

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