Help! Lubuntu 18.04 messed up my dell d420 screen!

Help! please anyone!

I just installed lubuntu 18.04 on my old dell d420. At first, everything seems fine and snappy. However, after driver and software update, there are several horizontal and vertical lines appeared all over the place. And it got worse, even the booting screen now can’t be seen clearly. The screen worked fine with windows xp before that. Please help! And sorry for my bad English. Thanks.


Seems pretty bizarre. If it were me, I’d suspect a hardware failure. I’d hit ctrl-alt-f3 and see if I can’t get a tty. If that doesn’t work or doesn’t come in clearly, I’d boot the live image. If that fails, that’s pretty much a sure sign of bad news no software can fix.

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thanks for your solutions. I had tried everything, doesn’t work. Interestingly is even the Dell boot screen looks terrible


And this problem started right after I finished updating drivers. Anyway, Thanks.

If the BIOS screen isn’t showing right, then I’d really have reason to suspect a hardware failure. I see that the screen is roughly divided into two sections in both images, which is far too consistent to be coincidence. On the subject, I think it is mere coincidence that the failure occurred after an update.

I’ve recycled a lot of hardware in my time, both personally and professionally. My workplace is a manufacturing facility so it’s particularly hard on physical equipment. I’ve seen things I would never expect to have problems with fail at the strangest of times. When things get really weird, the parsimonious solution is to assume hardware failure.

Anyways, do you have an external display you could plug in? Do you have another machine (even your phone) you could use to ssh in with (assuming you have the server installed)? I’m sure there’s ways you could salvage the machine if you really wanted to.


Reading your comment, It really makes sense. I did try to connect the laptop with a monitor using the vga port, however, the monitor couldn’t detect the source. Maybe because all the drivers haven’t been full updated yet. I will try to find some solution for this. Thanks man.

There might be a key to switch the output to the VGA out. Your pics are too low res for me to tell but look around the f-keys for a graphic that kind of looks rectangular, like a display, e.g.:


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