HDMI sound from cheap TV

I have recently purchased an Atomic Pi SBC…love the device…but no sound…bought a cheap 32 inch TV from Wal-Mart that had HDMI input…video works fine after some adjustment but no sound…am I missing a simple setting or am I in deep dodo???


You haven’t told us which release of Lubuntu you are using.

Sorry I have no experience of using audio thru HDMI cables, but I’d look in pavucontrol (bring up the menu and search for ‘pav’ assuming you are running a LXQt release) or Pulse Audio Volume Control, and you may find in the Output.Devices tab you can select where audio goes out. Please note: this is entirely guess as I’ve never used hdmi audio, next I’d look in the Configuration tab…

In “Sound & Video/PulseAudio Volume Control” check that output device is not muted.