Having problems trying remove software inside Lubuntu ISO using Cubic

Thanks for reading my topic.
You known Cubic ? Is an good software allowing to customize Ubuntu ISO. Works with Lubuntu.

The OS used to be customized is Lubuntu 20.04.5.
Cubic has an task using terminal to add kernel updates, others OS updates, integrate softwares and is possible run others commands.
Is possible remove softwares. I have customized an Lubuntu ISO removing some softwares with not any issues in installed OS.
The only problem is when trying to remove Libreoffice from Lubuntu ISO.
If running an command to remove Libreoffice components in installed OS only the selected componets are removed, but if running exactly the same command in Cubic terminal environment are removed the same Libreoffice same components plus others dependencies.

If you want help please see the link below with details about the issue

Perhaps that issue happen because of anything related with installer scripts ?
If you can help with any information thanks.
Have an nice day.

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