Hats Off To The Lubuntu Team

I have been a Lubuntu user since the release of Maverick Meerkat (10.10). That was before it became an officially recognized Ubuntu “flavor”. Back then there was no LTS version which didn’t happen for Lubuntu until the 14.04 release so we were doing fresh installs or attempting to upgrade every six months. My upgrades were mainly unsuccessful so they ended up being fresh installs anyway. After using a DE for that long, I became attached to it and it served me very well for almost 8 years. However, since 18.04 is the last version of Lubuntu with lxde, I finally decided to bite the bullet and install 20.04 which I have done on 2 of my computers. I have not been disappointed. The Lubuntu Team has done a great job putting together a modern and still lean distro. Well done.