Greetings and retropie help

Hello to all from a new lubuntu user :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this is the right section, I successfully installed retropie, but when i try to launch “emulationstation” from the terminal, the system doesn’t find it… where I made a mistake?
can I find somewhere a “stupid-proof” tutorial to install it?

thx in advance!

Welcome to the forum…

I am not familair with retropie but here is a link worth checking out. Retropie - First Installation

thanks for the answer. I already knew this link, it is for installation on Raspberry. I followed the tutorial on the official site for the installation on PC with Ubuntu (16.04 LTS or later)

Installation was successful, but as I said, the system doesn’t find the emulator… Could the problem be the OS version? thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

What OS and version are you running?

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lubuntu 16.04 (xenial)

16.04 ain’t being supported by Lubuntu anymore… might get some help in Ubuntu’s discourse or their own forum:


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