“Graphics Cards & Monitors”

Hello all,

I’m still learning Linux, but here is the issue i’m having. I have a old windows Vista HP laptop model # DV6500. I did try to install , Mint, Lubuntu etc, and still having the problem with start screen looking this way. The install is fine and even testing Mint before install. Once its complete, start up screen shows like three screen, maybe graphics issue ? i cant do anything really. For some reason i cant attach a picture to this form.Link to picture is below

You sent me to MS OneDrive, evil man. Maybe these are dumb comments, but…
(1) You install 20.04 from a live DVD or live USB. Did the monitor look like that when you booted from USB/DVD to install Lubuntu? If so, how did you install?
(2) Did you try an external monitor to see if it’s different?

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