GNOME-Contacts: how to create quicklauncher

Hi, after installing gnome-contacts package I can launch it from terminal but can’t find a way to create a quicklauncher or make it appear in the applications menu (in order to have a graphical launcher).
Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot!

You can use the QuickLaunch feature of the LXQt panel by following the manual

I learnt to do it from following that manual exactly; it’s a little fiddly on some machines with certain mouse setups or resolutions, but it works

Desktop icons are covered in the manual too

You didn’t specify a Lubuntu release, so I’ve assumed modern Lubuntu 20.04 LTS with LXQt.


Thanks a lot, @guiverc, I’ve already read those, but I’m under the impression that the issue here is that gnome-contacts installed alone doesn’t auto-generate an item for itself in the application menu (in fact, when I said quicklauncher I was thinking just on that).
What’s the proper way to manually add a new entry in the application menu?
Thanks again!

*and yes, I’m with Lubuntu 20.04 LTS with LXQt.

This seems like kind-of-a gnome-contacts bug (?).
Once installed, gnome-contacts effectively creates its own .desktop file for applications menu:


This is its content:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=A contacts manager for GNOME
#Translators: Search terms to find this application. Do NOT translate or localize the semicolons! The list MUST also end with a semicolon!
Keywords=friends;address book;
#Translators: Do NOT translate or transliterate this text (this is an icon file name)!

The line OnlyShownIn=GNOME;Unity; seems the problematic one.
If commented, then Contacts appears in applications menu as one suppose it should do.

This should be mentioned to GNOME people?

Let me know what could I do.

Thanks a lot!

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In my opinion, No, I believe it’s intentional.

GNOME-Contacts is an integrated address book, and only intended to be run from within the GNOME desktop (tied in with their Evolution Data Server). It’s one of a number of programs that will be this way.

Well done on working it out though ! and thanks for posting your solution here so others can benefit !

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