For those interested, 22.10 has arrived in the testing tracker

For those of us who do the testing, 22.10 (Kinetic Kudo) has popped up in the testing tracker site, ready for testing. Today was the first day I noticed it, and others noticed. Still, this is a post to make sure anyone who reads this is also aware that testing for Lubuntu Kinetic has begun.


Like always, I’m looking forward to testing the next version of Lubuntu. We may have a small team, but we punch way above our weight class when it comes to testing - so let’s make sure that’s as true with 22.10 as it has been with previous releases. I’ve been looking forward to the cycle starting anew, and it is time.


Been using it for . . . a month?? So far only a few hundred packages different from Jammy . . . . All quiet on the western front, etc . . . .


Yeah, it’s still fairly early on in the development cycle, so I’d not expect much change other than things upgrading.