For Lubuntu 22.04 seeking on VLC timeline results in intermittent audio playback

Regardless if I upgrade from within my Lubuntu 20.04.4 install to Lubuntu 22.04
or use the live cd of Lubuntu 22.04 to do a fresh install I can’t click on the VLC
timeline even once to jump somewhere else forewards or backwards doesn’t
matter without getting intermittent audio.
It’s not like fast stuttering, audio cuts out and comes back again over and over
but video works just fine it isn’t affected by seeking.
So what could the problem be?
I’m back on Lubuntu 20.04.4 for the moment with the help of clonezilla.

Maybe the newer version of vlc may be the problem.
Assuming you have a clonezilla snapshot, try upgrading to 22.04 again, but do this before the upgrade:
sudo apt-mark hold vlc
This will prevent vlc from being updated to the version that doesn’t work for you.

I put a hold on VLC and redid the upgrade to Lubuntu 22.04.
VLC is now still the old version but the problems with
intermittent audio persists when klicking on the timeline, I’m
not sure what to try next in order to make old or new VLC behave
on Lubuntu 22.04.

I installed the snapd version of VLC 3.0.16 and it has no
problems with audio and seeking on the timeline, so far
for me the prepackaged versions of VLC has problems
both on upgrade from 20.04.4 to 22.04 or a fresh install
from live media.

Maybe continue to use the snap version as it is pre-packed by the main developers i think

On a high dpi screen all text on buttons and menus on the snapd VLC
is really small compared to the VLC that comes with Lubuntu which
I guess follows system settings.
Is there a way to change this on snapd VLC?

Maybe you can change the vlc display settings. If that doesn’t work:
install the flatpak backend for discover, reboot,
open discover again, and go to settings.
Click add flathub. You will be asked for password.
After, close discover, open it again, then search and install vlc (flathub)
Good luck!

I installed the flatpack version of VLC and it has the same small
text on buttons and menus as snapd VLC and I think it only
comes with free codecs, I may be wrong but A/52, DCA and Twolame
is missing fom audio codecs in advanced preferences as an example.

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