Focal Fossa support for Infrared interface

I am running 20.04 on macmini and to my surprise, the apple remote has some effect out of the box.
Up/Down will turn the system volume up/down. Play/Pause (main) button actually play and pause in VLC (only when VLC is in focus).
Menu button has no effect.
Question is how do I customize it? Is it using LIRC?
(running lirc or lircd showed it’s not installed, lsof, apt list --installed doesn’t give much as well)

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I wonder if it’s not built into libinput. I would suggest posting something to the main Ubuntu Discourse because this is not a Lubuntu-specific feature. When you figure out the answer, let us know!

I believe it’s not using lirc and as you mentioned, maps as another input.
I can find the IR device in “xinput”.
I am able to use the “Menu” button to run a customized command using “xbindkeys”
Using “xev” I can monitor the KeyCodes of the remote. Menu button maps to decimal 147.
Download xbindkeys, create a resource file in my home “.xbindkeysrc”, add couple of lines like:
Then restart xbindkeys, the menu button will now run firefox. Of course we can customize it run whatever we want. I can also create any kind of shortcut keys like Ctrl-Shift-[key] to run any command.

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