"Find Files" not working on 20.04

So…yeah. For some reason whenever I do a “find files” search using PcManFM-QT on 20.04, it always returns “*”

I can change everything like the type of files, whether to recurse…and that all gets saved correctly. But whatever I type in the search box…it always opens a results page called “/” which contains EVERYTHING, and when I re-open the “Find files” dialog, it’s gone back to “*” again

I can’t reproduce this but I suspect I don’t quite get your process. Any chance you could create a video?

It seems very hit and miss over whether it will happen - seems far more likely if I do it in a folder with many, many subfolders and files. Doing it on a simple folder with a few files always works as expected

Keep trying and see if you can find a minimum that triggers it. Then we can file a bug report and get it fixed!

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