Final testing of Ubuntu Groovy Gorilla (20.10)

Final freeze is now upon us for Lubuntu groovy gorilla. (which will be Lubuntu 20.10 on release).

We currently still have some bugs being watched, one I’m personally watching will hopefully disappear if casper reaches 1.454 (current ISOs are using 1.452)

We’d welcome as much testing as possible, on as many boxes as possible.

Our testcase list can be viewed at, though if you’d like to help with testing please read

as I won’t repeat what was placed there.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to help us test or get involved, please just ask (here, IRC, telegram…)

Thanks to everyone who has helped us in our testing.


I have some free time coming up. I can toss some hours at this, but not for this release. Do you want testing on bare metal, or is testing in a VM adequate? Is the #Lubuntu IRC the place to go?


We’d very much love whatever you can offer/do :slight_smile:

Testing on bare metal is best, on boxes I’m not willing to overwrite what’s there, I just use the live QA-test option, meaning no change to existing box is required (note: on borrowed boxes I’ve had owners (using windows) tell me their clock gets changed to UTC/UST so I make them aware of this)

Testing in a VM is also helpful too.

Telegram and IRC are linked, but yep #lubuntu maybe suitable (it it’s bug related, #lubuntu-devel maybe a better choice but you’ll get asked to move there if that’s of benefit). General Ubuntu & flavor testing also have #ubuntu-quality (linked telegram group “Ubuntu Testers” can be found here

There are two types of installs recorded in the testing tracker for Lubuntu

  • install, or
  • live.

In the install option, I tried to outline in the other post how we record our testcases (but do whatever you can, as exact details is less important than the testing itself!)

Most important links

Thank you for helping make Lubuntu better !! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. I’ve ‘bookmarked’ the info and set it to remind me in a month, which is about when I expect to have some hours I can throw at testing. I’ve been using Lubuntu for years and only filed a couple of bug reports along the way. Sure, I’ve answered a ton of questions, but I think I can give back a little more.

I’d be prepared for me to ask a ton of questions. :wink:


Just FYI as it relates to 20.10, a month will be too late since the release comes this month (that’s what the 10 refers to, the 10th month of the 20th year of the 2000s). Either way, we’ll be glad to have you and happy to offer help.


Indeed. Up above I specified that I won’t be of any assistance with this release.

See? I’m paying attention!

Ping me if you need more help.

In a week I’ll likely no longer be running groovy as it’ll have been released, and my system will have been on it six months, so I’ll bump to h???

It maybe Lubuntu 20.04.2 we’re interested in testing then (ie. the focal release using the groovy HWE stack); no date is set for that yet.

That will show up as the focal daily on the website too, but there’s little interest in it until groovy has been launched.

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Yeah, I know where to find you if I need help. You’re always around!

I can probably throw an entire box at just testing. I have ample hardware, so we’ll see how it shakes out.

Casper 1.455 has been tested & works, though currently it’s only available on Ubuntu groovy daily 2020-10-16.4. We’ll hopefully see it on tomorrow’s daily :slight_smile:

That’ll be one issue gone :grinning: