Enable XDMCP on Lubuntu 20.04

Hello !
How to activate XDMCP Connections on pristine Lubuntu 20.04 Installation ?
Thanks in advance.

If you’re into snaps there’s this:

If you run:

cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager

You’ll find you’re already using lightdm. So, this link may also help:

That said, is there any reason to use that specific protocol? I’m a huge fan of VNC and x11vnc is my go-to. It pretty much never gives me even the slightest bit of trouble.

XDMCP is insecure like telnet is and, as such, should be avoided. tl;dr it’s unencrypted and it’s essentially like making your interactions with the remote computer public. You can wrap it in ssh but that’s a little more advanced usage.

Also, it’s uncompressed, so it requires a lot of bandwidth.

Finally, unlike what @KGIII said (who, as I remember it, is still on 18.04), with 20.04, you’ll be using SDDM as your display manager. The upstream developers don’t support XDMCP and seem to have very little interest in implementing support:

To add to the list of options, you may want to check out NoMachine. It’s free and technically proprietary but out of all of the remote desktop solutions I have ever used, both proprietary/commercial and otherwise, it has by far been the most reliable and speedy and has no security concerns.

One last thing, with regards to that Snap: it’s for Mir which is to say it’s not really relevant here.

If you’re insistent on using it, the relevant Ubuntu wiki page for XDMCP is here though it’s clearly quite old. tl;dr though there are things that must be done to enable XDMCP, you will also need a client and there are many general Remote Desktop clients that can handle it:



LOL I always forget that was changed after 18.04. I really need to install 20.04 and play with it more, but I love my LXDE. You’ll pry it from my cold dead fingers!

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Maybe I won’t have to, as support for it will eventually end. We officially stop in April. The archives will continue to exist until 2023, but because we aren’t supporting it, I wouldn’t expect any bug fixes, not even to those items specific to Lubuntu. I can’t wait until that day comes, frankly. Not that I didn’t like LXDE, but I find LXQt ultimately more sustainable. Like you can actually get bugs in it fixed upstream.


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