Emergency Mode when ext hdd not connected

I have added a line in fstab to mount my external hdd to a local folder (had to do this as for some reason MakeMKV doesn’t see all folders.

I mounted using the UUID to a local folder under home and added the options user,uid=1000 to set the owner of the folder to the local user so MakeMKV can see it as a destination for the file generation. I also set Dump and check to 0 2 but also tried 0 0… in both cases I boot into emergency mode. Boots normally if I connect ext hdd or comment out the line used to mount the ext hdd in fstab.

I must be misunderstanding the parameters in fstab… if a drive defined in fstab is missing we should still be able to boot normally no? for instance if a data drive fails shouldn’t we be able to boot in normally?

hoping someone can help me understand how to configure the drive in fstab properly. I thought I understood after reading a couple of references but obviously not.

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