eInk-display does not work with Lubuntu 22.04.1

I connected the eInk-display Boox Mira to a Lubuntu-notebook via USB-C. I can see on the eInk-display that it gets electricity from the notebook, but the eInk-display changes after some seconds in sleep mode. I can’t see the picture from the notebook on the eInk-display. In Lubuntu, in the monitor settings I can’t see the eInk-display.

Does that mean that drivers are missing? If yes, where do I get them and how should I install them?

According to the manual of Boox Mira, it should work with Linux.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

The eInk-display works in Lubuntu 22.04.1. I found the problem:
There are different USB-C-3.1-connections and different USB-C-3.2-connections.
Only those USB-C-3.1-connections and only those USB-C-3.2-connections can be used that offer also the video transfer protocol. If an USB-C-slot supports video transfer protocol, then there is next to the slot a lightning-symbol, display-symbol or DP-symbol.

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