Early testing helps making a good LTS release

I see that @guiverc is testing the early Lubuntu Focal iso files.

Thanks for doing it this early in the development cycle :slight_smile:


I don’t see that I’ve started testing focal; I’ve so far only checked my prior cycle [eoan] detected bugs against the new cycle, and updated the launchpad bug reports to reflect ‘focal’ (as it stands right now with mostly eoan code), but also used that to bump upstream issues which nearly all (if not all) were.

I did the same last cycle too. Yeah I also may have tested the infrastructure; lsb_release report 20.04 etc, but much of that is Ubuntu base, plus my own download scripts, but that’s pretty minor. But thank you.

For everyone else though, the more testers we have, the better releases we will have. I’m always going to be limited to using Lubuntu as I, myself use it. Another tester will detect issues I won’t because they’ll likely use applications differently than I do.The more testers we have, the better the releases and end-product we have will be.

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