Dual Boot with windows 8.1

Hello. I am trying to install Lubuntu 19 along side Win 8.1. I have been using linux since Ubuntu 8.04 was new so I have done dual boots before. I have used Lubuntu before but this 19 with eaon ermine I like a lot. I verified my disc at the boot screen & chose the default division of 50% Lubuntu & 50% 8.1. The installation went to resize partition (@ 6%) and quit. I tried 3 times. Unfortunately I don’t have the screen shot available but the text said something close to: can’t resize ntfs partition no progress bar. I have had other distros dual booting with 8.1 and I really want to get this one going. Help is appreciated. Thanks

I would suggest booting up in Windows 8.1 and go to Computer Management in the Control Panel and select
Storage then Disk Management - right click on the disk you want to share with Lubuntu and select shrink disk- when that completes you will have a new volume to install Lubuntu into.
Here is a link to instructions. Shrink a Volume


I would like to thank leok for helping me with this. I never had to do a dual boot this way but old dogs really can learn new tricks. The Lubuntu 19 was installed easily. I never bank or shop from a windows box. Now with this dual boot in my garage I can order parts for my truck & my yard machines safely. Thanks leok and all. This should be marked SOLVED.


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