Does Lubuntu support virtualisation?

When I say this, I mean can I use it as a host to virtualise other guests in it such as macOS?

I’m not big into virtualization (I mostly use old hardware that’s no fun with it), but I can boot up Oracle’s virtualbox and run other OSes as a VM.

I’m aware others use more powerful tools (gnome-boxes etc) too.

Yes. Lubuntu is just a Ubuntu system after all, we’re just using a different desktop & default set of apps.

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Yes. Use virtualbox or virt-manager, but make sure virtulization is enabled in your bios.


To add to the above, you can do a more native virtualization with QEMU directly (or software, as mentioned above) if you want. As in, you don’t need any additional GUI software and can start and run VMs from the terminal, including creating them in the terminal, etc…


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