Discover says "Cannot install from unsigned repo" (Zoom 5.4.3 (54779.1115) upgrade)

I have tried, multiple times, to install updates to Zoom (the video-conferencing software). My modus operandi has been to download directly from the official Zoom website, open the download in Discover, and click Install. However, it gives me the error message

Cannot install from unsigned repo

How do I deal with this? I am willing to install via command-line if necessary, but do not quite understand how to do that. [UPDATE: wxl’s answer has provided the relevant command-line solution, which worked perfectly; many thanks]
The Zoom website has some mention of a GPG key, but the instruction on how to install it does not seem to work for me. And is there a way of adding the Zoom website/repository as a trusted source? One reason I moved to Linux was because I got fed up with proprietary operating systems (Apple, Google, Microsoft) telling me what I could and could not install.

You could just use sudo dpkg -i /path/to/downloaded-package.deb where you have to figure out what that path is and what the name of the actual package is.

Still, I’m confused as to why that doesn’t work. It may be a problem with Zoom’s package itself, which is on them. To ensure it’s not us, we’d need to know your version of Lubuntu.


That Terminal instruction worked perfectly (if anything, it is slightly easier than using Discover); many thanks.

In case it helps diagnose where the problem lies, I am using Lubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, and had run the sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade command shortly before attempting to upgrade Zoom via direct download loaded into Discover (a process had worked fine a couple of months ago). The Zoom version to which I was upgrading is Zoom 5.4.3 (54779.1115).

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I just installed it with no problems using Discover. Might have been a download error.