Discourse Now Operational

FINALLY! The Lubuntu Discourse is now operational!

It took about 20 minutes of system downtime for the rest of our services (Phab, Weblate, etc.) just to spin this thing up via its Docker environment, but once launched, we were able to make it work by disabling its in-built HTTP/HTTPS listener and we were able to hand it off to our standard NGINX instance to bring everything else up.

The headache though: Discourse is ONLY supported via Docker. Which means we COULD have some headaches at some point if the server explodes.

We’ll look into backup solutions at a later point though…

In the interim, ENJOY DISCOURSE! The standard Lubuntu constitution and code of conduct still apply, though, as set forth by the Lubuntu Council.

Still, enjoy everyone!


Good job @teward!

No mailing list mode until you do DNS changes, right?

@wxl That’s correct. I’m going to see if I can get Canonical to set *.lubuntu.me’s MX record to be the SMTP server, while having bare @lubuntu.me to the standard mail system/relays (Seviper).

I’ll have to get approval with either you @wxl or Simon for the changes to be approved. And Canonical might have some concerns. We’ll take a look, though. I’ll consult with Canonical IS before we make any changes.

But yes, no Mailing List mode because there’s no inbound mail working yet.

I wish there was a way to toggle the option to toggle it off. I can imagine Simon getting tempted. :slight_smile:

@teward: You said “It took about 20 minutes of system downtime for the rest of our services (Phab, Weblate, etc.)…”
I noticed - I just happened to pick that very time to check on the latest news. Was relieved when it all came back.

Yeah well I had made a notice in Telegram and IRC about it. We can still blame Walter and Simon for the downtime this time, they wanted Discourse up and operational :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everyone - congratulations on Lubuntu work very nice… only how I can solve one problem? I use 19.04 version but wine not work… I want to use IE inside but can not without wine… some other help? :slight_smile: Thanks to all

@virk3 in general this is best suited for the support category, but I also wonder if this isn’t a general problem with the 19.04 version of WINE that doesn’t affect stock Ubuntu or other flavors. Looking at upstream, there’s a suggestion that it’s 32-bit only, which could make for some weirdness. Without knowing more details about what you did exactly and what the results are, we would be hard-pressed to help anyways.

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I will show pictures… but where? make a new post ? - many people in the discovery app say wine not work. same at me. - no one see that start rating ?

@virk3 yeah new post. The reviews alternate between “works great for me” and “don’t work.” Nothing in between and no details. Not particularly helpful. WINE is not obvious to use, either.

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