Different AUTOFS behaviour between pcmanfm (18.04) and pcmanfm-qt (20.04)

I use autofs to have my shares mounted only when i need it, so that means not on boot.
Only when i access them.
With pcmanf (18.04) everything worked and no automount right after the boot.
I only had to make subfolders, if not it would have mounted all shares at once when accessing one of them.

My auto.master:
/- /etc/auto.cifs-BACKUP --timeout=300 --ghost
/- /etc/auto.cifs-SHARE --timeout=300 --ghost
My auto.cifs-BACKUP:
/media/BACKUP/BACKUP -fstype=cifs,uid=1000,credentials=/home/pi/.smbcredentials ://NAS/BACKUP
(accordingly for the other share)

With pcmanfm-qt i can do what i want, the shares are automounted after boot and
because of that, 1 time a day, also the NAS discs spin up.

How to circumvent this behaviour?

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