Desktop settings being reset after reboot on Lubuntu 20.04

I just installed Lubuntu 20.04 on my Asus Vivobook X540NV and I’m encountering problems when it comes to settings. Things like brightness, volume, num-lock state and others keep getting reset to the defaults (as if it were a fresh install) every time I reboot.

Hi, this may not help you much, but I’m using an Asus Vivobook and I have not encountered these problems. In regards to brightness, I use the
fn-f5(brightness down) method each time I sign in to Lubuntu. Have you tried the brightness setting - Menu Button-Preferences-LXQT Settings-Brightness? You should be able to affect a permanent change here, from memory I think it will ask you for your password.

Sorry if this no help. :thinking:


Hi thanks for the suggestion, the hotkeys work fine for me but they never get retained even using the applet from the LXQt settings. The volume also worked fine apparently but the panel widget would always show the defaults on startup, leaving it untouched and playing back media would automatically switch it to the last setting. Enable Num Lock state was something I had to select in the keyboard settings to have it work too.

For the brightness, something weird happened which made it work. After creating the 20-intel.conf file to fix screen tearing, my hotkeys would no longer work but setting the brightness from inside the settings menu worked and was retained next boot.

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