Deformed image on external VGA monitor

Hello people:

On my 18.04 LTS I connect a 19 inch vga monitor, and I get a warped image.
I have touched the basic system configuration parameters without any positive results.

The cable is fine and in the W7 session on the same computer the external screen is seen perfectly.

I appreciate your ideas !!

I would go into Preferences->Monitor.Settings and look at the resolution setting and refresh rate for the display. Is it the same as you use in your w7 session? or match your actual monitor’s viewable settings? If not change it. What I’d suggest looking at first.

You mention basic system configuration parameters without saying what you mean so I could be repeating what you’ve already tried.

I did all the things you told me. Preferences->Monitor.Settings
The config I set is the same in W7 (1360x768, 60p Hz) These are basic system configuration parameters I meant, sorry… (I dont find more advanced settings).

Also I tried only the external monitor, switching off the internal, but does not work, the result are the same.

So the problem is only with the external monitor? Have you checked the logs for errors? I wonder if that external port isn’t running off a separate card. Perhaps a different driver would help if that’s the case.

Have you considered using 19.10 instead? Or maybe 20.04, since it’s set to come out next month? Might be good to at least boot up the live media and see how it works.

Yeah, the latop monitor is working perfect. Only this external one.
-No, I did not checked. How I can do?
-Running off a separate card? You mean a USB modell?
-I thing about vga drivers,(may be yhe included here are nort working properly. But I have no idea where to start for…
-considered using 19.10 instead? Or maybe 20.04, yes, its a posibility, the true is that I feel really happy with 18.04 (I need Long Term Support) and the rest functions work very very good. Anyway, I can download and run a USB to test what happend

Use the journalctl to look at your logs.

I’m thinking you may have multiple internal video cards. Please provide the output of lspci -nnk.

If you need long term support, you’re not going to get it with 18.04. Once 18.04 support is finished (early next year), there’s really no easy way to upgrade to 20.04 because they use entirely different systems and applications. Also “long term support” is a little misleading as it just means you have less version upgrades, but you can consistently upgrade a long term support version through all the “short term support” versions and into another long term support version. There’s really nothing special about LTS except that it implies old software.

I ll try you say. ( journalctl and lspci -nnk .I mean) May be this is the way to work this thing. My news will be reported!!

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