Customize login picture

I set up two accounts in lubuntu 19.04. The same login image shows for both accounts every time lubuntu boots up and the name shows for neither account almost every time lubuntu boots up. See The only way I see to determine which account is which is by trial and error, i.e., entering the password for one of the two accounts into the two essentially identical login prompts. Is there a way to customize the image that appears for each account?


Simply put an appropriate image in $HOME/.face.icon. Done!

Thanks for the quick reply. What constitutes an appropriate image? I have JPEG, PNG, and EPS. I’ve tried a couple of different ways to generate a .icon file from these, but none have worked. I tried I also tried ImageMagick’s “convert” command-line tool on macOS.

I had a PNG somewhere else and this did the trick:

cp /path/to/filename.png ~/face.icon

That doesn’t work for me. My PNG file is here: I’d love to know if it works for you. I tried saving it as


None of the above worked. It’s a 72x72 RGB image in PNG format. Interestingly, lubuntu does seem to be attempting to read the file because the default image is no longer there, but it has been replaced by a blank white box.

That is absolutely bizarre. I downloaded your file to $HOME/.face.icon, logged out, and it just works.


It turns out the issue was file permissions. Following the steps in the bottom section of the following page fixed the problem for me: Thanks for your help!