Create iso from usb live stick

I have a lubuntu startup live stick on which I have assembled a great number of applications as well as configurations. Is there a way to create an iso from it so I can install my compilation on PCs or laptops?

Please note I have no experience with this and have never tried to do what you want, but I am aware of scripts that create an ISO from an installed Ubuntu system. For example I know Jacque Raymer (of Makulu Linux) created a script that creates (or created) the Makulu Linux ISO from his own machine.

I have no idea if Makulu is still created this way, I just recall reading blogs made after Makulu switched from a debian base to a Ubuntu one, and Jacques blogged (and intro youtube video) about the [then] newly created script. His script was open-source (possibly based on prior scripts too), but but this was ~2014 prior to Makulu 7 (which I think was the first Ubuntu based Makulu)

Lubuntu is not built this way, but if you don’t get an answer here, I’d look for clues at small Ubuntu based distros like the Makulu script I’ve mentioned.

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Alright, thank you. I’ll check it out and let you know if it worked.


How did you create your USB live stick?

A general method that might work is to create an image with dd of your stick /dev/sdx

sudo dd if=/dev/sdx of=file.img bs=4096

This image file may or may not have all the desired properties of an iso file, but it should at least work to use the reverse command to clone the system to a new USB stick of at least the same size.

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