Chrome browser in discover

Should I be able to find and install the chrome browser in Lubuntu? I do not see it in Discover

Chrome is not open source, and thus is not available to Ubuntu repositories such as ‘main’ or ‘universe’. It isn’t a ‘driver’ so not in ‘restricted’, nor in in multiverse as google want to know when it’s downloaded I suspect.

chromium-browser being the open source upstream version of google chrome is however found in ‘universe’ (

For details on repositorie names see

Whilst many packages are available via the snap store (eg. Mozilla’s Firefox browser), again google don’t want to put it there.

Thus it’s not in the software lists used by package management (apt/dpkg) tools, nor in the lists of deb & snap packages found in places like discover.

No you shouldn’t be able to find it in discover. (For the actual why you’ll need to ask google)

If you add the google repositories to your system, it will appear in muon package manager however ( as it’ll detect the .deb packages available.

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tl;dr you have to install it from Google.

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