Changing mount point

How to permanently change mount point of a partition grafically in lubuntu 20.04? I have tryed to do this with kde partition manager but that didn't work.

KDE partition manager is a program to manage and modify partitions (surprise, surprise). It is not related to mount points.

A mount point is the location of a partition in the filesystem hierarchy. And there are several mount “types”:

  • static mounts => look at /etc/fstab (and/or systemd-mount)
  • ad-hoc mounts => the user mounted the device manually (command mount)
  • dynamic mounts => the desktop environment has mounted a device automatically (for example a USB drive)

Please describe in more detail, what you want to do.


To be fair, KDE Partition Manager can be used to mount a partition, but you’re right that it is not a general manager for any and all things related to mounting.


I see. Then I want to set static mounts for some of my partitions. How can I do that?
I like grafical solution much.

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Then you have to edit the file /etc/fstab. You find a lot of tutorials and explanations on the Internet or in the man pages:

man 8 mount
man 5 fstab
man 8 sudoedit

/etc/fstab is only a text file. The best graphical tool to modify this file is a text editor.

After making a copy of the file, open a terminal and execute: VISUAL=featherpad sudoedit /etc/fstab
Then save, close the editor and test it:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo mount -a

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