Can't upgrade to 23.04

Hi, I want to upgrade to 23.04 but I can’t because when I ran the command for upgrading to 23.04, it fails and the log says that the package lubuntu-desktop is broken and I cannot upgrade

Note that I have installed KDE

Without providing the logs (or links to the logs) our hands are rather tied in what help we can suggest, except to suggest you explore what 3rd party package’s you’ve added that could create issues; as CI testing is performed on the whole Ubuntu repository to ensure release-upgrade can occur with each change, thus its almost always the 3rd party packages that cause interference.

Have you explored the apt.log or main.log ? You’ve not applied any holds have you?

If it’s from Ubuntu repositories (not PPA etc) I’d not expect issues; however you didn’t tell us what actually was installed; myself I’m a lover of multiple desktops but usually opt for kubuntu-desktop if adding KDE Plasma as I’ve had fewer issues with the flavor created everything meta-package (for all DEs & not just KDE). Without specific details on what you installed of KDE we can really only guess.

Update log here: Update log - Pastebin

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