Can't find .config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml any more in Lubuntu 22.04.1

I wanted to configure shortcuts what I used to do in .config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml, but the file openbox does not exist any more in .config.

I know that in the main menu > Preferences > LXQt Settings > Shortcut Keys, I can configure some shortcuts. But I want for example to disable the window bar for some software, what I used to do in lxqt-rc.xml. And I want that with a shortcut the window of a software takes only the half size horizontally of the screen, what I used to do in lxqt-rc.xml.

How can I do it now?

Thank you for an answer in advance.

Since 22.04.1 , It got renamed to rc.xml. see here.


Thank you so much for that hint.

But I didn’t upgrade Lubuntu. I did a new installation of Lubuntu 22.04.01. I have an original lxqt-rc.xml from Lubuntu 21.10. So, can I use it without problems in Lubuntu 22.04.1 as rc.xml? Because there is in .config no openbox-file, is it OK if I create an openbox-file in .config to put the rc.xml document inside?

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