Can't drag-and-drop to move a file to a directory listed in the bookmarks...?

Here is another question I feel is going to have an obvious answer, but I can’t figure it out…

How do you move a file by drag-and-drop from an open folder to another folder that is listed in the bookmarks along the left-hand side of that window? When I try to do it, the little green plus sign is active, but when I release the mouse nothing happens. If I have 2 tabs open, I can move a file from one tab to another tab: releasing the mouse opens a box that asks me if I want to copy or move the file into the open window. But this doesn’t happen when I try to move something to a bookmark. (TBC, this definitely 100% worked in Lubuntu 17.10, and I haven’t made modifications to OpenBox or PCman or whatever manages this functionality…)

Here is a screen capture video I made of what happens when I try to what I want…
Edit: sorry the embedded video didn’t seem to work, but it can be found at youtube . com / watch?v=hJVgIo0T9eE.

Actually, it looks like this was recently fixed in 0.15.0 which we don’t even have in Groovy (20.10) yet.

Thanks. At least I’m not missing something obvious then.