Cannot run lubuntu off usb drive

I have an old laptop that I want to use again.
It’s the Acer Travelmate 5372 and when I tried to boot it, Windows was just broken (cannot even get into windows recovery)

So I created a bootable usb for Lubuntu and torrented it to make sure the file checksun is correct,
I managed to get it to boot to the options menu for when to choose between installing Lubuntu and running it off the usb and if I try to do either, my laptop cuts out and restarts 5 seconds later and the whole process starts again.

Any ideas on how to get it to work?

You didn’t say which Lubuntu release you have.

Our documentation on installing Lubuntu is

Assuming you validated the ISO after download, I’d suggest your next step is the “Check disk for defects” option you’ll find mentioned in Chapter 1.3 Installation

If the write to your install media was imperfect, issues can are unpredictable. If you can’t successfully validate the install media on your desired box, I’d suggest another box (for verification of media). If you can’t get confirmation of valid media on that second box, I’d assume the media is flawed (ISO download was flawed; or written incorrectly), and return to check downloaded ISO, then re-write to media (different media).

If the media is confirmed on your other box, but not the install box; I’d likely check hardware first (ie. ramtest, visually inspect motherboard for swollen capacitors etc) & do some general testing of machine, then if it looks good, it points to software issues. Your release details are needed here.

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