Cannot find cifs-utils package for 21.10?

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I’ve been running lubuntu for years and have just installed lubuntu 21.10, but I cannot find the cifs-utils package anywhere. I need this to mount my NAS. It’s always been available on previous lubuntu releases, so I can’t imagine that it’s been deprecated. Running “apt-cache search cifs-utils” returns nothing, and I’ve searched for all sorts of combinations (apt-cache search cifs, apt-cache search utils) and nothing comes back.

Any ideas on where to find it? Or any alternative ways to mount a NAS which uses CIFS?


The package should be in the main repository.

sudo apt update
[... output omitted]
apt policy cifs-utils
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 2:6.11-3.1
  Version table:
     2:6.11-3.1 500
        500 impish/main amd64 Packages

Thank you, the ‘apt update’ did the trick. After downloading the 21.04 ISO and installing it, I didn’t do an update & upgrade top get latest packages. Not sure why this should have been needed though, as far as I know it’s been part of ‘main’ for forever so it should have been available after the initial install. Any way, it worked!

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If you hadn’t done an apt update before, it was why you couldn’t find it. The package database needed to be cached on the local machine before you can search against it. I am glad you got it sorted out.

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