Calamares installer also requesting administrator password?

Calamares installer also requesting administrator password? -
Testing FOCAL LUBUNTU 22022020 build I notice that in addition to the user name and password the installer also requests an administrator password - Is this by design and if so why? I thought the user was automatically assigned all admin rights.


I’ve been talking to the Calamares people about this. Something isn’t working right. Calamares has long had a setRootPassword key that allows the distro to optionally set the password for the root user. We have long set this to false so we have never seen the UI element asking for the admin password before.

So what’s different with the 20200222 daily is the newest 3.2.19 version of Calamares which you can see includes a whole set of new configuration options with regards to the mechanisms to set the hostname in the same (users) module as the one with setRootPassword.

I have found under no conditions can I get the hostname to set to anything but linux. This is strange because you are asked to give it a value and it used to work just fine. I thought perhaps this might be due to the mechanism used, so I tried all of them to no avail.

Also interesting beyond the fact that the UI is erroneously displaying the element that asks for the admin (root) password is the fact that if you enter something in there, it has no effect. You can try to su and use the password and it won’t work. Additionally, if you sudo passwd -S (effectively running it as root) and use your user password to authenticate, you’ll notice an “L” which means “locked password,” which is the default for Ubuntu (you’ll also see a “!” in the password field for root in /etc/shadow).

Therefore, I can only imagine the issue has something to do with some failure in that hostname setting that is somehow affecting how the overall module works. I’m working with upstream on this one but I’ve been so busy debugging it I haven’t created an actual bug report so if you want to do that (preferably after the install is complete but before rebooting), it would be a big help.

Thanks, as always, for your testing and keen observations, Leó.


I also submitted a bug report “1864352” earlier this morning about the “linux” hostname.
That is extreemly critical as 2 or more machines cannot exist on the same LAN with the same name!

Thanks for the info Walter.


@leok You ever make that bug for the subject at hand?

@wxl Whoops -Sorry…I submitted for the hostname problem and will submit another for the administrator password subject pronto.

Bug 1864544 submitted.

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Thanks to @wxl and the quick turnaround from the Calamares team, this bug should be resolved now. My testing has proved to be positive so far.