Broken Link at [3rd party site] is confusing many users

When somebody searches for lubuntu . It gives on very first result which is not working . I was under the impression that lubuntu is no more developed . I later came to know that is actually working website . Please remove non-working website as its turning away many potential users

The web site you mention, is neither a Ubuntu or Lubuntu web site, so we have no control over it.

If you want a Ubuntu affiliated site, don’t ask google (unless you have the capacity to peruse it’s results & select legitimate, fake & fan), you’re best going to (or any Ubuntu site) and you’ll be directed to official Ubuntu sites, ie. Ubuntu will direct you to Ubuntu flavours | Ubuntu for all flavor sites, which will get you here (or any other official flavor site).

Yes, before Lubuntu had an official site, that site was used (for a number of years) as a Lubuntu site, but it wasn’t under Lubuntu/Control which led to issues & the creation of the current site which Lubuntu/Ubuntu control (Ubuntu own it, but have given control to Lubuntu; use whois to explore ownership if you wish).

You’ll have to make a request of the 3rd party owner of that site, as they own/control it, not us.

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I just searched both on the mobile and on the PC, in Google I get, as the first option.


Same here…phone and PC


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