Bootable CD Lubuntu version needed

I have an old 32-bit PC that will only boot from Hard Disk or CD… not USB.
1 - What version of lubunto will still fit on a bootable CD?
2 - Where can I download it?

FYI, this old machine only has1GB of ram and a 20GB hard drive… and 1GB of ram is all it can have…
That is why I’m looking for a light weight linux distro.

I actually was able to put Ubuntu 10.1 on it and the darn thing still works!
I have a dedicated use for the system so that is where this is all heading.

Thanks for any help.

PS - the 32-bit lubuntu download on the site requires 1.1GB… so it won’t fit on a CD… and the old machine won’t read DVD’s

I’ve already tried to provide my thoughts on UF in my reply in comment #7

As the Lubuntu 18.04.5 ISO is larger than a CD, I suggested the Lubuntu 18.04 alternate (32-bit) ISO which is only 715MB and will fit and provided the link to download it, ie.

That ISO will have a large number of updates to be installed, needing all upgrades since 2018-April when it was spun, unlike the 18.04.5 ISO which has those included.

As I stated on that post, there is no Ubuntu 10.1 (ie. no Ubuntu release in 2010-January), but you most likely mean Ubuntu 10.10 as there was a release in 2010-October.

I also gave a number of other thoughts.

Another option, though somewhat more technical…

I have a IBM Thinkpad t42p I rarely use in testing because it’s USB ports are dead. It has alternate USB ports added via PCMCIA card, however it’s BIOS won’t boot from them :frowning:

To get around that, when I want to use it in testing, I boot the OS on it’s HDD, and copy the ISO I want to test to the local hard drive, and add it to the bootloader (which is grub on my system). That way it boots from the HDD given I can’t boot from USB thumb-drives like my other boxes.

This is a more technical work-around though, and will depend on what OS is already running, and how it boots on the machine (does it’s boot mechanism have the capacity to boot other OSes). winXP had some capacity but it was very limited as I recall. I recall using w2k to boot OS/2 and the same method worked with w/XP, but I can’t recall ever trying to get it to boot a GNU/Linux

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