Boot-up time kernel selection: lowlatency vs generic


Can someone please explain or point to resource that explains how to set up a boot-up time menu for Lubuntu 19.04 that stops and prompts me to select the kernel type between the lowlatency one (which I wish to use when working on audio/music production) or the generic one (which I wish to use when doing everything else, including running Virtualbox based VMs).


You can use grub to pick your kernel, even picking the length of time before booting to a pre-defined default, your last used etc. It’s usually used to boot an older kernel after you make a change, or an update causes problems allowing you to boot an unchanged kernel, but will do more too.

These were 2 of the top 5 from a search using site:\* to limit myself to official documentation for Ubuntu. I haven’t used lowlatency but I can’t see why it can’t be treated as just another kernel.

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